Trip Report
Tracy's 2013-04-17
2013-04-17 10:30 for 2 hours (birding) 14 sightings Brookside Farm (NHNEJNBF) Jackson, NH (USA) Lat,Long: 44.16491,-71.17918 Map Elevation: 1100 feet
Site is the area in the vicinity of the family home in Jackson, bounded on the east and south by Wilson Rd and Cameron Drive, on the north by Sugar Hill Lane and on the west by the Carter Notch Rd. Habitat is mostly second-growth hardwood and mixed forest less than 100 years old broken up by homes, pastures and roads, with fields, pastures and golf course along the Wildcat River. Boggy areas in and along fields support alder and willow thickets. Great Brook runs through the site in a small gully bordered by hemlock groves and hardwoods. Elevation ranges from 900' to 1300'. Sunny, mid 40's, NW breeze With Susan, walked over to Tracy's, into then around swamp area behind barn then back to house.
Sightings submitted from Birdlog.
Turkey Vulture 1  
Hairy Woodpecker 1  
Eastern Phoebe 1  
American Crow 4  
Tree Swallow 1   Flew over the field
Black-capped Chickadee 7   Mostly w/ Juncos and Kinglets in mixed flock in woods
White-breasted Nuthatch 2  
Brown Creeper 2  
Golden-crowned Kinglet 5   Mostly w/ Juncos and Chickadees in mixed flock in woods
Eastern Bluebird 1   Female near Tracy's
Hermit Thrush 1   In woods by swamp
Song Sparrow 3   Several singing
Dark-eyed Junco 15   Mostly w/ Kinglets and Chickadees in mixed flock in woods
Purple Finch 2   Two singing. One had typical warbling song, the other, a bright pink male, sang short vireo-like phrases at length, some of them short like a Blue-headed Vireo but the overall tempo like Red-eyed Vireo.