Trip Report
Mount MacDonald Trail 2013-04-20
2013-04-20 13:15 for 3 hours (hiking) 10 sightings Mount MacDonald (WAKCMTMD) Kanaskat, WA (USA) Lat,Long: 47.34942,-121.87532 Map Elevation: 2000 feet
The trail starts at the bend of SE Kent-Kangley Rd just E of SE Kanaskat-Kangley Rd and climbs up to 2000' through young 2nd growth Douglas fir w/ vine maple and some alder for 2 miles, then crosses or borders clearcuts for another half mile up to 2400', then climbs through mature 2nd growth for about a half mile to 2800' before re-entering younger 2nd growth up to the summit towers at 3300. Overcast, high 40's, rain developing. With David, hiked up and down, turned back by snow and rain at 2.5 miles and 2600' elevation. Distance counted one way.
Sightings reported in the field in BirdLog.
Sooty Grouse 1   Calling in mature 2nd growth at 2600'
Band-tailed Pigeon 1   Calling ""ptoowaoooo"" in young 2nd growth D Fir at about 1500'
Rufous Hummingbird 3   Around flowering Salmonberry
Common Raven 4   Over clearcut
Chestnut-backed Chickadee 5   Mostly in loose flock w/ Golden-crowned Kinglets at upper edge of clearcut
Pacific Wren 6   Singing in woods
Golden-crowned Kinglet 4   With C-b Chickadees
American Robin 1  
Varied Thrush 8   Mostly singing in mature 2nd growth D Fir above 2200'
Dark-eyed Junco 3