Trip Report
Home 2013-04-25
2013-04-25 07:10 for 1 hour (birding) 35 sightings Home (WAKCHOME) 37407 188th Ave SE, Auburn, WA (USA) Lat,Long: 47.26587,-122.09188 Map Elevation: 550 feet
Home - about 2 acres of field, garden and landscaped yard on the Auburn-Enumclaw plateau. The field hosts solitary pine, cottonwood and ash trees, hazelnut and quince bushes and a brushy fenceline. The house is enclosed by trees - a cedar tree out front, a line of Lombardy-type poplars just west of the house, a fir, blue spruce, big-leaf maple and sequoiah on the east side and a grove of Douglas fir on the north side. Dense rhododendron and juniper grow under the trees on the east and north of the house. Neighboring properties include fields and pastures, some with standing water in the winter, and small deciduous woodlots along with residential yards. Seed and suet feeders attract birds in the winter. Mostly sunny, 43F (slight frost), calm. Walked around the perimeter of the property and sat and listened at several points.
One seed and suet feeder up. Sightings recorded in the field in BirdLog.
Canada Goose 2  
Wood Duck 4   Flyover of 4 together incl at least 2 males, new yardbird.
Green-winged Teal 6   Pasture pond
American Kestrel 1   distant calls to east
Killdeer 2  
Greater Yellowlegs 1   Calling once from south, too emphatic for starling
Band-tailed Pigeon 1   Flyover, ID not certain, Eurasian Collared-Dove possible.
Anna's Hummingbird 1   Diving on cowbird
Rufous Hummingbird 1   By quince, possibly an Anna's but chipping sounded like Rufous
Red-breasted Sapsucker 1   Calling and drumming, across the street
Hairy Woodpecker 1   Calling and drumming, across the street
Northern Flicker 2   Drumming only, no calls heard and none seen, to north and west
Steller's Jay 1  
American Crow 3  
Violet-green Swallow 9  
Black-capped Chickadee 2  
Chestnut-backed Chickadee 1  
Red-breasted Nuthatch 1  
Bewick's Wren 1   Singing
American Robin 10   Most singing
European Starling 3   Competing for nest box under workshop eves.
Orange-crowned Warbler 1   Flew north from pine tree, bright yellowish-green, stocky and short-tailed, not goldfinch flight
Spotted Towhee 3   Singing
Savannah Sparrow 1   Singing across street
Song Sparrow 4   Most singing
Golden-crowned Sparrow 2   Adults under feeder
Dark-eyed Junco 2   Singing
Brown-headed Cowbird 4   Female and feeder,
Purple Finch 2   Brown male singing vireo-like song, another singing usual warble
House Finch 2  
Red Crossbill 6   Soft ""chet"" calls
Pine Siskin 10   Mostly around feeder
American Goldfinch 1   Flew over calling
Evening Grosbeak 4   Two pairs?
House Sparrow 1   Calling from Tedrick's, probably > 1