Trip Report
Sun Mountain 50K 2013
2013-05-19 10:00 for 7 hrs 15 mins (marathon) 55 sightings Methow Valley (WAOKMETV) Winthrop, WA (USA) Lat,Long: 48.46394,-120.25682 Map Elevation: 2000 feet
The Methow River drains the east side of the North Cascades from Lake Chelan to the Canadian border. Habitats include a ribbon of cottonwods along the river, pastures and residences in the valley, meadows with varying mixtures of bitterbrush, sagebrush and serviceberry on the lower hillsides with scattered groves of aspen, ponderosa pine forest and mixed coniferous forest. Sunny, 55-70F, brisk west breeze at times particularly along the lake. First leg (8.5 miles, 2:00, 43 sp): Chickadee trailhead down to Patterson Lake, along the west shore of the lake and up the Rader Creek, Blue Jay and Meadowlark trails to the Thompson Pass Road at Thompson Creek. Middle 2 legs(14.5 miles, 3:30, 38 sp): Thompson Pass down Rader Creek, west past Beaver Pond, northeast above Wolf Creek then back southwest up and over the ridge past Sun Mountain Lodge, then back along Wolf Creek and around to the north of the lodge to the north end of Patterson Lake. Last leg (5 miles, 1:30, 18 sp): from the north end of Patterson Lake, up to the summit of Patterson Mt and back down to Patterson Lake road, then along the road for a half mile or so around the north end of the lake to the cabins.
Habitats included streamside riparian brush and aspen, mixed coniferous forest, open ponderosa pine forest with small dry meadows and open hillsides with bitterbrush and bunchgrass. Sightings recorded on the trail with BirdLog on an Android phone.
Canada Goose 26   Grazing and resting around south end of lake
Mallard 2   With Canada Geese
Dusky Grouse 1   Male walked across parking lot at Sun Mountain Lodge.
Turkey Vulture 3   Soaring overhead
Red-tailed Hawk 1   Open pine forest
Golden Eagle 1   Adult soared over turnaround at summit
American Kestrel 4   Pair near Sun Mt Lodge
Spotted Sandpiper 1   Calling along the lake
Vaux's Swift 3   Aound Sun Mountain Lodge w/ Vg Swallows
Calliope Hummingbird 4   Brushy hillside along outflow from Patterson Lake
Williamson's Sapsucker 1   Male drumming on aspen snag above the Thompson Ridge aid station
Red-naped Sapsucker 1   along Rader Creek
Hairy Woodpecker 1   Calling in coniferous woods
Western Wood-Pewee 3   Singing in the first half
Hammond's Flycatcher 18   Singing in tall, fairly dense coniferous and mixed forest. First phrase of song is an emphatic ""shweepit"", the first syllable much more emphatic than the second.
Dusky Flycatcher 7   Mostly on Thompson Ridge Rd and Radar Creek in open to semi-open conifer stands, particularly in areas of young trees, also in aspen groves. First phrase of song is a two-note ""see-lip"" or ""see-dit"", both syllables equally accented.
Pacific-slope Flycatcher 1   Singing in mixed riparian woods
Western Kingbird 1   Along the lake road
Cassin's Vireo 23   Singing, mostly in coniferous woods
Warbling Vireo 14   Singing, mostly in aspens and riparian brush
Steller's Jay 2   Calling on Thompson Ridge
Common Raven 6   Over ridges
Tree Swallow 10   Along Patterson lake and its outflow stream
Violet-green Swallow 8   Around Sun Mountain Lodge and along the lake
Barn Swallow 6   Patterson Lake near the cabins
Mountain Chickadee 14   Singing and calling, mostly in coniferous woods. Four note song on three pitches, each pitch lower than the previous. ""tee tu too too""
Chestnut-backed Chickadee 1   Calls, the ""dee dee"" nasal and drawn out, in pine.
Red-breasted Nuthatch 9   Calling in coniferous woods
House Wren 8   Singing in understory brush
Ruby-crowned Kinglet 7   Singing, mostly on Thompson Ridge
Townsend's Solitaire 1   On low snag on open hillside
American Robin 4   Some singing
Nashville Warbler 22   Singing in various habitats. Song varied, but consisted of a series of slurred ""sweet sweet sweet sweet"" notes followed by a shorter series of notes on a different pitch.
MacGillivray's Warbler 16   Singing mostly in riparian brush. Song, like Nashville, consisted of two sets of notes, the first series longer than the second, and the notes in the second series more warbled or garbled, something like ""chree chree chree chree chree chirrit chirrit""
Yellow Warbler 20   Singing, mostly in aspen in riparian areas and along the lake.
Yellow-rumped Warbler 29   Singing mostly in conifers, seemed to prefer more varied or open woods than Townsend's
Townsend's Warbler 38   Singing, coniferous woods including riparian areas
Wilson's Warbler 2   Singing
Western Tanager 38   Most singing, in coniferous and mixed woods especially in the first half.
Spotted Towhee 7   Singing
Chipping Sparrow 22   Singing, most in first 10 miles. Some may have been juncos.
Vesper Sparrow 8   Singing in open areas, mostly on Patterson Mt
Song Sparrow 1   Singing
Dark-eyed Junco 14   Most singing, woods and edges. Sone could have been Chipping sparrows
Black-headed Grosbeak 4   Singing, mostly riparian and parkland
Lazuli Bunting 12   Singing in and near open areas, mostly in the second half
Red-winged Blackbird 1   Singing near Beaver Pond
Brewer's Blackbird 1   Near Sun Mountain Lodge
Brown-headed Cowbird 4   Mid-course
Bullock's Oriole 1   Singing along the lake
Cassin's Finch 10   Singing, mostly in open woods but one on snag on open hillside
Red Crossbill 8   Flying over
Pine Siskin 11   Calling
American Goldfinch 3   Open areas
Evening Grosbeak 6   Calling, flying over