Trip Report
Pearrygin State Park 2013-05-20
2013-05-20 05:40 for 2 hrs 35 mins (birding) 44 sightings Methow Valley (WAOKMETV) Winthrop, WA (USA) Lat,Long: 48.48159,-120.14055 Map Elevation: 2000 feet
The Methow River drains the east side of the North Cascades from Lake Chelan to the Canadian border. Habitats include a ribbon of cottonwods along the river, pastures and residences in the valley, meadows with varying mixtures of bitterbrush, sagebrush and serviceberry on the lower hillsides with scattered groves of aspen, ponderosa pine forest and mixed coniferous forest. Sunny (sunrise about 6AM), 40-55F, calm. Slight frost in hollows. I parked in the east day-use area, walked through the campground, continued south on a gravel road to the Group Camp 3 area at the south end of the lake then walked south along groves of aspen and pine to the park boundary before returning to the gravel road and back to the car. Total distance 2.5 miles.
Habitats included the freshwater lake bordered by aspen, water birch, chokecherry and other tall shrubs, cattail marshes and small aspen groves, marshy hollows south of the lake, weedy and bunchgrass meadows, hillsides with bitterbrush, sagebrush and other shrubs, scattered Ponderosa Pines, and groves of aspen and pine just south of the south end of the lake. Sightings recorded in the field with BirdLog.
Mallard 16   Mostly grazing in campground
Common Goldeneye 3   At least one juvenile male
Hooded Merganser 9   Two pair and small raft
Ring-necked Pheasant 1   Calling from ridge to west of the south end of the lake
Ruffed Grouse 1   Drumming in dense riparian vegetation at south end of lake
Northern Harrier 1   Male hunting over cattails at south end of the lake
Red-tailed Hawk 1   Screaming and circling over pines south of the lake
American Coot 2  
Spotted Sandpiper 3   Campground beach and farther south along the shore
Mourning Dove 7   Mostly calling
Calliope Hummingbird 1  
Red-naped Sapsucker 2   One drumming on utiity boxes in campground, another in aspen south of the lake
Hairy Woodpecker 1   In pines
Northern Flicker 2  
Western Wood-Pewee 3   Singing in pines and aspen
Dusky Flycatcher 2   Singing, mostly in aspen. ""seelip tsieet"" and ""seelip rrrip tseet""
Cassin's Vireo 2   Pair in ponderosa pines
Warbling Vireo 2   Singing in aspen
Black-billed Magpie 1  
American Crow 2   Around campground
Common Raven 1  
Tree Swallow 4   Around campground
Barn Swallow 3   Around campground
Black-capped Chickadee 3   In water birch at south end of lake, ""teee too"" song
White-breasted Nuthatch 1   Somewhat nasal ""churrrr"" calls in pines
House Wren 18   Most singing, in riparian brush and somewhat sparser understory in aspen groves.
American Robin 3   Campground and south end of lake
European Starling 3   Three together at south end of lake
Yellow Warbler 9   Singing, mostly in riparian water birch and aspen
Wilson's Warbler 2   Singing in pine grove understory
Western Tanager 3   Singing
Spotted Towhee 5  
Chipping Sparrow 2  
Vesper Sparrow 3   Singing in bitterbrush on open hillsides
Song Sparrow 3   Singing in riparian brush and campground
Black-headed Grosbeak 3   Singing
Lazuli Bunting 3   Singing along edges of aspen groves
Red-winged Blackbird 20  
Western Meadowlark 2   Singing on open hillsides
Yellow-headed Blackbird 5   Flying over
Brewer's Blackbird 1   Campground
Brown-headed Cowbird 6  
Bullock's Oriole 3   Singing
American Goldfinch 3