Trip Report
Hwy 28 mp 84 2013-05-25
2013-05-25 18:50 for 1 hour (birding) 13 sightings Odessa (WALCODESS) Odessa, WA (USA) Lat,Long: 47.32967,-118.87791 Map Elevation: 1600 feet
Shrub-steppe scablands and both dry-land and irrigated agricultural areas in central Washington. Partly cloudy, 61F, S breeze We stopped in an area of sagebrush, weedy grassland and pasture near mp 84 on Hwy 28 (about 15 miles west of Odessa) in the area of a Ferruginous Hawk and birded the highway shoulders.
Spent a half hour trying to photograph a couple of migrant Empidonax flycatchers.
Ferruginous Hawk 1   On utility pole. Nest on old windmill contained at least 3 downy young.
Killdeer 1  
Mourning Dove 3   Flew by
Hammond's Flycatcher 2   Possibly only one. Small silent flycatchers with wing bars and eyering. Bill seemed short, wingbars prominent, primary extension long, tail short, face and head grayish, throat whitish, back gray tinged with olive, breast and belly w/ pale yellowish wash. Id uncertain.
Horned Lark 3   Two singing - thin ""tik tik"" followed by tinkling notes.
Barn Swallow 2   Flew by
American Robin 1  
Sage Thrasher 3   One singing. Possible fledged young photographed.
Brewer's Sparrow 4   One or two singing
Vesper Sparrow 1   Singing in distance
Western Meadowlark 2   Singing
Brewer's Blackbird 1   Flew over
House Sparrow 1   Around old windmill