Trip Report
Lower Dry Creek 2013-05-27 0330
2013-05-27 03:30 for 45 minutes (birding) 8 sightings Wenas Creek (WAYCWENAS) Wenas, WA (USA) Lat,Long: 46.90485,-120.82294 Map Elevation: 2500 feet
Wenas Creek is a permanent stream which drains east out of the Cascades down to the Yakima River near Yakima. In the Wenas Creek area pine forest yields to bitterbrush and sagebrush with meadows, pastures and groves of cottonwood and aspen along the stream. The eastern/northern portion of the area, which consists of roughly five miles of the stream valley and adjacent ridges and tributary valleys, is in Kittitas County. Partly cloudy, 39F, calm I listened from camp then walked about 1/3 mile up-valley through meadows and open pine groves.
Flammulated Owl 1   Short breathy ""whoo"" every two seconds, from mixed conifers on slope on west side of valley.
Great Horned Owl 2   Calling back and forth, one slightly higher pitch than the other, from ridge to the east or beyond. ""huhuhuhoo huhooo hooo"" and ""huhooo hooo hooo"".
Common Poorwill 2   Calling from nearby ridges.
Hammond's Flycatcher 1   One ""sheeeprt"" phrase heard from edge of mixed conifer woods.
Dusky Flycatcher 1   One ""seelip"" phrase heard from open pines or riparian.
American Robin 4   Began singing at 0405.
Spotted Towhee 2   Began singing at 0410
Chipping Sparrow 2   One or two songs each before 4AM.