Trip Report
Lower Dry Creek 2013-05-27 0720
2013-05-27 07:20 for 1 hrs 45 mins (birding) 35 sightings Wenas Creek (WAYCWENAS) Wenas, WA (USA) Lat,Long: 46.90485,-120.82294 Map Elevation: 2500 feet
Wenas Creek is a permanent stream which drains east out of the Cascades down to the Yakima River near Yakima. In the Wenas Creek area pine forest yields to bitterbrush and sagebrush with meadows, pastures and groves of cottonwood and aspen along the stream. The eastern/northern portion of the area, which consists of roughly five miles of the stream valley and adjacent ridges and tributary valleys, is in Kittitas County. Increasing overcast, 45F, slight east breeze developing, rain moving in. I birded from our camp about 1/4 mile above the stream crossing up to the upper end of the open meadows.
Most birds identified by song.
Sooty Grouse 1   Faint call from wooded hillside to the west
Calliope Hummingbird 1   Small hummingbird with no wing-buzz.
Red-naped Sapsucker 1   Flew into riparian cottonwoods
Northern Flicker 2  
Pileated Woodpecker 1   Calling from mixed coniferous forest up-canyon.
Olive-sided Flycatcher 1   Distant song from partly-forested hillside
Western Wood-Pewee 2   Singing in pines
Hammond's Flycatcher 4   Singing in pines and mixed conifers
Dusky Flycatcher 1   Singing in pines
Pacific-slope Flycatcher 1   Calling in riparian cottonwoods/pines
Cassin's Vireo 2   Singing
Warbling Vireo 7   Singing
Black-billed Magpie 1   Calls heard
Common Raven 1  
Tree Swallow 2  
House Wren 2   Singing
Western Bluebird 2  
Veery 2   Singing in small riparian cottonwood groves with dense understory
American Robin 9   Several singing
Nashville Warbler 3   Singing
MacGillivray's Warbler 3   Singing in brushy hillsides and riparian thickets
Yellow Warbler 1  
Yellow-rumped Warbler 5   Singing in pines and mixed conifers
Western Tanager 4   Singing/calling
Spotted Towhee 6  
Chipping Sparrow 9   Open pine groves. Two fighting fell to ground, rolled into hole under log, emerged singly.
Vesper Sparrow 1   Singing on open hillside
Dark-eyed Junco 3   Singing
Black-headed Grosbeak 2   Singing
Western Meadowlark 3   Singing
Brown-headed Cowbird 7  
Cassin's Finch 6   One or two singing, others calling, mostly in pines
Red Crossbill 1  
Pine Siskin 4  
Evening Grosbeak 1