Trip Report
Tule Road 013-05-27
2013-05-27 15:00 for 20 minutes (birding) 4 sightings Tule Road (WAYCTULRD) Toppenish, WA (USA) Lat,Long: 46.27841,-120.36415 Map Elevation: 1300 feet
Tule road turns east off Hwy 97 about two miles up from the Yakima Valley and traverses hillsides of bunchgrass and sagebrush. Overcast, 59F, light rain David and I drove about a mile out Tule Road and got a bit of gravel trapped between the back plate and the brake disk on the left front side. It made a horrible grating noise so we stopped and spent a half hour extracting it - had to remove the wheel and pry it out with my knife. For all our trouble, we failed to locate the reported Brewer's and Grasshopper Sparrows.
Horned Lark 3  
Vesper Sparrow 3  
Sage Sparrow 2  
Western Meadowlark 4