Trip Report
Hwy 142 mp 5 2013-05-28
2013-05-28 05:40 for 15 minutes (birding) 11 sightings Lyle (WAKLLYLE) Lyle, WA (USA) Lat,Long: 45.74010,-121.22805 Map Elevation: 400 feet
The town of Lyle sits 75 miles east of Vancouver at the mouth of the Klickitat River in the transition area of the Columbia Gorge. Lakes orphaned by hwy 14 along the Columbia River, Balch road east of town along Old Hwy 8 and pull-outs along Hwy 142 in the Klickitat River Gorge offer diverse birding opportunities. Habitats include open grassy slopes and benches, basalt cliffs and outcrops, the rivers and a few small lakes, Garry Oak woodlands, Ponderosa pine groves and mixed pine-oak woodlands. Partly cloudy, 50F, calm David and I camped in a primitive campground along the river - quiet and comfortable - and I did a little birding in the morning though the noise of the river prevented me from hearing distant birds.
Spotted Sandpiper 1  
Western Wood-Pewee 1  
Ash-throated Flycatcher 1  
Western Scrub-Jay 1  
American Crow 1  
Northern Rough-winged Swallow 2  
Black-capped Chickadee 2  
American Dipper 1  
American Robin 1  
Cedar Waxwing 2  
Western Tanager 4