Trip Report
Long Lake Camp 2013-06-01
2013-06-01 21:00 for 3 hours (birding) 3 sightings Columbia NWR (WAGCCLNWR) Moses Lake, WA (USA) Lat,Long: 46.92556,-119.20028 Map Elevation: 1000 feet
Columbia National Wildlife Refuge is a maze of coulees cut into the Columbia River basalts south and east of Moses Lake by Ice Age floods. Seepage from irrigation supplies year-round water to numerous lakes and marshes in the cliff-rimmed valleys along Crab Creek. Upland habitat is shrub-steppe, mostly sagebrush and bunch grass. Riparian habitats include extensive rushes and cattails along permanent water, various annuals in bands around ephemeral wet areas, weedy sometimes-flooded fields and shrubby habitats dominated by currant, wild rose and willow. Partly cloudy, 60F, light W breeze. Birds observed around camp in evening
Black-crowned Night-Heron 2   Individuals flying over after sunset
Great Horned Owl 1   Calling after dark
Common Nighthawk 2   Actual number uncertain - flying high over area with "peenh" calls and occasional "vvoooo" dive sounds.