Trip Report
Swauk Cemetery 2013-06-01
2013-06-01 11:45 for 45 minutes (birding) 17 sightings Cle Ellum area (WAKTCLEL) Cle Ellum, WA (USA) Lat,Long: 47.20207,-120.74286 Map
Sightings mostly along I-90 near Cle Ellum and Easton - the area along the Yakima River where the mixed fir forest of the east slope of the Cascades yields to pine and shrub-steppe habitats. Scattered ponds along the river, riparian habitats near ponds and streams. Mostly sunny, low 60's, light breeze ABC Field trip - stopped for lunch at the old Swauk Cemetery at the junction of West Ballard Hill Rd and Swauk Prairie Rd, then drove east a mile or so on Swauk Prairie Rd.
American Kestrel 1  
Calliope Hummingbird 1  
Western Wood-Pewee 4  
Dusky Flycatcher 2  
Western Kingbird 2  
Common Raven 1  
Tree Swallow 2  
House Wren 2  
Western Bluebird 3  
Mountain Bluebird 2  
MacGillivray's Warbler 1  
Chipping Sparrow 3  
Vesper Sparrow 2  
Lazuli Bunting 1  
Western Meadowlark 6  
Pine Siskin 2  
American Goldfinch 1